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     blank expression; untouched snow apart from the barest raise of a sceptic’s brow,
     bloody hues glazed over and unfocused. 

                                                        ’ … how interesting. ‘

     it is, of course, a mocking partnership of words; dryness drips like blood from a 
     slaughtered pig. gushing and icing apathetic wording.

     ☥———; He only smirks in response to the apparent disinterest that on any other authority would have been a slap to the face.


     ;    ” Not particularly focused today, are we? ”   the man says loftily, though it is more of a statement than a reply.

     ;   ” I'm telling you this because it’s relevant to your experiments. A good scientist should always want to know the background of what they’re studying.  If you refuse to take interest in your subjects, I can easily find someone else to take your job, you know.


王菲 - 彼岸花

Faye Wong - Bi’an Hua / Flower of Paradise / Flower of the Other Shore


i formally apologize to anyone who knew me when i was 13

teme-kun: curls up next to him for nap time tbh


  is shocked & alarmed. who are you and what have you done with my student. 


我那么爱你 / you’ve almost stopped crying. [ listen ]




 Underrated Character
|【Uzumaki Karin】| 
30 Day Naruto Challenge
You’re the enemy… I don’t want to sympathise with you… so… so don’t… don’t cry like that in front of me…! Damn it…”